An estimated 27 million people worldwide suffer from serious burns.

It is reported that 27 million people sustain burns annually around the world with 7 million severe enough to be hospitalized.  For burn patients, PluroGel®  PSSD has unique and advantaged properties that help burn care clinicians manage the burn patient skin’s inability to resist infection and heal.

An estimated 15 million people worldwide suffer from non-healing (chronic) wounds.

Non-healing wounds are caused by a variety of different medical conditions, and they don’t heal for many different reasons.  Some wounds have a difficult time healing because the patient has an underlying disease such as diabetes or arterial or venous disease resulting in poor blood flow to the wound.  Other medical issues such as major trauma, infection, continuous pressure exerted on an area of skin, minor burns or skin trauma are just a few causes of non-healing wounds.  For patients, it can sometimes be challenging to understand the variety of causes and resulting treatments and therapies available for their particular condition.  For non-healing wound patients, PluroGel PSSD has unique and advantaged properties that are very helpful to wound care clinicians as they work with these patients to heal wounds.

Your doctor may have prescribed PluroGel PSSD for your burn or wound.

The PluroGel® Line of Burn and Wound Products:

  • Were developed at the world-renowned University of Virginia
  • Have been successfully used on over 12,000 patients, both severe burn and non-healing (or chronic) wound patients
  • Have unique Functions and Performance attributes that make them the ideal products for burn, wound and skin care
  • Are Simple, Flexible and Easy to Use
  • Can result in Cost Savings and improved Control of your wound care

Please contact your healthcare provider to learn more about PluroGel PSSD.