PluroGel® Products can be uniquely SIMPLE and FLEXIBLE which can result in SAVINGS and CONTROL, providing nurses and healthcare practitioners new tools for burn and wound care.

PluroGel’s 3 Functional Areas – CORE, BIO-PHYSICAL, and PERFORMANCE Functions – provide you new tools to help patients in all stages of wound healing.   PluroGel’s 3 Functional areas provide products that uniquely can be SIMPLE and FLEXIBLE offering the possibility of SAVINGS and CONTROL.

PluroGel Products are SIMPLE to use on patients:

  • Can eliminate and shorten steps to perform the dressing change
  • Can reduce the number of products needed
  • PluroGel Products are usually being used with only inexpensive gauze and inexpensive moisture barrier cover

PluroGel Products are FLEXIBLE because:

  • They can be used at every stage of the wound healing process
  • Practitioners can use more or less product to support the clinicians’ care plan
  • They can be used in conjunction with other wound care products,  if desired

PluroGel Products can reduce costs thus increasing SAVINGS through:

  • Increased speed of application and removal
  • Easier application and removal
  • Reduced clinician time
  • Reduced use of other products
  • Reduced patient pain and therefore reduction in pain medications

PluroGel Products can improve clinician’s CONTROL of the patient wound care process because:

  • The risk of patient non-compliance to clinical instructions may be reduced
  • Patient outcomes may be improved due to ease of use

PluroGel®PSSD provides all the benefits of PluroGel combined with the #1 anti-microbial offering unique new tools for burn and wound care.

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