PluroGel® Products have unique Functional areas, providing doctors with new tools for burn and wound care.

PluroGen’s core technology platform and products, our PluroGel® Products, were developed by the University of Virginia burn surgeons and wound care specialists to overcome the complexities and frustrations with current burn and wound care products. The development team, led by Dr. George Rodeheaver, was determined to find a product that would offer a simple solution for complex wounds.  “The goal of our laboratory was to apply science to the delicate needs of burn and wound patients.”

PluroGen offers doctors PluroGel® • PSSD.  PluroGel Products have been successfully used on over 12,000 patients worldwide.

PluroGel Products have 3 distinct Functional areas that are effective in all stages of wound healing.

CORE FunctionsFramed Wound Graph w shadow July 2014

Unique CORE Functions provide new product characteristics that help the clinician and patient with tissue and dressing management.


Unique BIO-PHYSICAL Functions provide new tools to help the clinician and patient improve tissue management.


Unique PERFORMANCE Functions result in PluroGel products being multi-purpose offering the potential for cost savings and allow PluroGel Products to help the clinician and patient create and maintain the ideal wound environment for the patient to do the healing.

PluroGel® PSSD provides all the benefits of PluroGel combined with the #1 anti-microbial offering unique new tools for burn and wound care.

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