What Is PluroGel?

PluroGel® Burn and Wound Dressings are made using advanced technology to create high performance products that are versatile in their application and enable patients to do the healing. Effective for all wound types, PluroGel’s unique formulation eliminates bacterial biofilm, increase patients comfort and compliance. and allows for fast and easy dressing changes. Use this collection of videos, clinical results, and presentations to become familiar with the properties of PluroGel and learn the advantages PluroGel Burn and Wound Dressings offer over other wound care products.

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How the PluroGel® Micelle Matrix Absorbs Wound Debris

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PluroGel® Micelle Matrix Formation

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Video of PluroGel® Tube Application

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Video of PluroGel® Jar Application

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Video of PluroGel® Jar Application (en Français)

NEW: Infographic summarizes 1036 patient multicenter study. Click the image to be redirected to the full article.

Dr. Paolo Palumbo’s Presentation from EWMA Congress 2017: Is a Surfactant-Based Antimicrobial Dressing Effective in the Management of Infected Leg Ulcers?

PluroGel Clinical Results and Eradication of Biofilm presentation given by Dr. Christoph Zölß at the International Vascular Course in Catania, Italy on 1 April 2017.

Structure and Properties of PluroGel® : A New Surfactant-based Biomaterial

Struktur und Eigenschaften von PluroGel®: Ein neues tensid-basiertes Biomaterial

Struttura e Proprietà di PluroGel®: Un Nuovo Biomateriale a base di Surfattante