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EWMA 2013
PluroGel Presentation Summaries
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First 50 Patients:  Focus on Burns
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First 377 Patients in Chronic Wound Care Center
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Office Practice:  Impact on 200 Chronic Wound Patients per Year
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First 55 Patients (Diabetic Foot) in Chronic Wound Care Center
Frans Meuleneire
Director, Private Wound Care Support Clinic Hillegem, Belgium
Huub Brull, Director, Alita Jaspar, MSc Wound Care & Tissue Repair ECW Expertise Center Wound Care, Heerlen, Netherlands
(Presented by Jantina van Gall)
Dr. Gabriele Menzinger
Doctor of Dermatology and Venereology, Private Practice, Vienna, Austria
Dr. Dieter Klein
Head of Wound Care Centre,             Städt Krankenhaus Offenbach, Germany
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Cost Savings Using PluroGel® Products
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First 9 Patients – Average Ulcer Duration 6 Years Before PluroGel®
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3 Chronic Wound Centers’ Experience
Dr. Harald Klier
Chairman, National Committee  for Product Reimbursement – Retired, Graz, Austria
(Presented by PD Dr. med. Dieter Mayer)
Sarah Bradbury
Research Nurse, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK
Dott. F. Paolo Palumbo
Director, Policlinico Giaccone di Palermo – Retired, Department of Geriatric Surgery – Retired, Private Practice, Palermo, Italy