PluroGel • PSSD

PluroGel® • PSSD is a combination of PluroGel® with the addition of the standard-of-care topical antimicrobial- Silver Sulfadiazine. PluroGel® • PSSD has the medical device CE Mark Class marketing clearance in Europe. PluroGel® • PSSD is targeted for routine use in patients with burns and chronic (non-healing) wounds.

Clinical use of PluroGel® products  in Europe has now reached over 14,000 non-healing wound patients with results that correlate to improved wound healing, pain reduction and cost reduction compared to standard of care products. PluroGel® • PSSD patient results have demonstrated superior performance over standard-of-care products in laboratory, animals and in humans. (Reports available on request).

The PluroGel® Biomaterial and line of products was developed by University of Virginia burn surgeons and wound care specialists to overcome the complexities and frustrations with current burn and wound care products.

PluroGen Products:Framed Wound Graph w shadow July 2014

PluroGel®  PSSD Burn and Wound Dressing is the Multi-Function product that provides all the benefits of the PluroGel® Biomaterial combined with the #1 anti-microbial offering an effective new tool for burn and wound care.

Why PluroGel  PSSD?

PluroGel bio-material is the key component of PluroGel  PSSD

PluroGel is a unique material that is:
• A surfactant (surface active agent or cleaning material)
• Beneficial in multiple ways to wound tissue

PluroGel has 3 unique and distinct Functions

• CORE Functions
• BIO-PHYSICAL Functions

PluroGel  PSSD Functions offer unique benefits in every stage of wound healing

PluroGel  PSSD uses the #1 antimicrobial which provides the following benefits:
• Used successfully for over 40 years on millions of patients
• Proven effective
• Well understood

PluroGel  PSSD Creates and Maintains the Ideal Wound Environment – for the Patient to Do the Healing

5-Dressing Size – 10 cm x 10 cm (50 gram jar)
40-Dressing Size – 10 cm x 10 cm (400 gram jar)

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