About Us

PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc. provides clinically advanced and advantaged burn, wound and skin care products.

PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc. is a burn, wound, and skin care company providing clinically advanced and superior  products from its multiple patent-protected technology platforms.  The Company’s primary platform is its core PluroGel® surfactant technology which provides products with paradigm-shifting, superior and differentiated Core, Bio-Physical, and Performance Functions resulting in unique and advantaged Multi-Function products.

Products based on PluroGel are University developed and are in routine use, having shown superior results on more than 12,000 patients in two different patient populations – severe burns and non-healing wounds.  PluroGen’s three technology platforms are configured to deliver a variety of medicinal and beneficial compounds covering the six key areas of treatment in tissue management and healing:

1. Cleansing;  2. Anti-Infection;  3. Reduced Pain;  4. Anti-Inflammation;  5. Tissue salvage;  6. Tissue regeneration.

PluroGen has a strong new product pipeline and its senior management, its operations team, boards and principal investigators are all recognized global commercial and clinical leaders in PluroGen’s target markets of burn and wound care.

PluroGen’s Mission
… is to create novel, simple and advanced products  in each of the 6 Areas of Therapeutic Treatment to improve healing of complex wounds, benefiting patients and providing caregivers with new cost-effective wound care options

PluroGen’s Vision
… is to be the premier developer and supplier of comprehensive therapeutic products for the optimum management and repair of injured tissue.

PluroGen‘s headquarters and operations facility is in Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA, with sales and marketing representation in Europe.

Learn more about our Board of Managers and About Dr. Rodeheaver.