Landmark PluroGel Clinical Presentations during WUWHS, Florence Italy, 25 -29 September 2016

Nuovi, importanti presentazioni cliniche PluroGel durante WUWHS, Firenze Italia, 25 -29 Settembre 2016 

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PluroGen for Doctors and Nurses

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PluroGen Therapeutics, LLC is a burn, wound, and skin care company providing clinically advanced and superior products from its multiple, patent-protected technology platforms.  Our line of PluroGel® Products are derived from the core PluroGel surfactant technology.  PluroGel provides paradigm-shifting, superior and differentiated Core, Bio-Physical, and Performance Functions resulting in unique and advantaged Multi-Function products.  Developed at the world-renowned University of Virginia, PluroGel Products give doctors, nurses, patients and consumers unique, advantaged and cost effective new tools in burn, wound and skin care.